And our lives continue…

Good morning Dear Readers!  It’s a rainy cold Sunday morning, and it’s exactly my favorite kind!!  I was terrified of storms and rain as a child, but as an adult, nothing makes me happier than waking to hear the rain, seeing it fall outside my window, or listening to Mother Nature’s call when the thunder booms across the world… That thunder is amazing, truly… It rumbles, it rolls, it almost demands your attention, and then just as quickly it continues it’s journey into the distance… Nothing stops it… It’s going to do and go where it wants… It’s YOUR job to acknowledge it, feel it, and allow it to roll through you… I love thunder storms because it reminds me how much power Mother Nature has, and truly how little WE have as humans…

Many things have power over us… We may think we’re the biggest and baddest things on earth, but in truth we’re but a small part of this wonderful blue marble we live on… Oh we can do some damage to her… We can kill, maim, torture, stem the tide of natural processes and selection… At least for a little while… However, we are nothing but an hour to the timeline of this Earth… She can shrug her shoulders at any time, and we’ll become nothing but a memory for her… I often wonder why she doesn’t do that… Why does she not just get tired of these annoying fleas that exist on her surface, shrug her shoulders and let her surface become peaceful once more… The same answer comes back to me every time…

She is a mother… She is OUR mother… She nurtures us, nourishes us, protects us, calms us and teaches us what we need to know… Just as most Mothers will love their children no matter how badly they act, no matter how they try to ignore their mothers, or even pretend they’re dead, Mothers will continue to love their children…  I know I do mine… They try to pretend I don’t exist, tell others that I don’t support them (when often times I’ve been the only one that did), and even tell people that I’ve died… That’s their choice.. They are free to say or do whatever they want…  It doesn’t stop my love for them, it doesn’t stop my joy at seeing them happy, my sadness when the world is cruel to them, or my desire to see or hear from them at least once a decade…  As most children have done at one time or another, my kids think that their Mother was mean to them, or didn’t give them what they wanted… But just like our Earth, I look at them and think “They’re on their own, they have jobs and food, they’re living their own lives, they both have graduated from schools, they’ve not produced any unwanted children, and they’re not in jail… If that is ‘being mean’, then I’ll take the blame for it…”

I’m sure our Mother Earth looks at us the same way… We think that the “Powers that Be” have been neglectful, or mean to us… Yet we live… We eat… We smile at something during the day… We have everything we need at our feet… She has provided all of that for us, and more… And we need to respect that just a little more…

This wasn’t where I wanted today’s blog to go, but like so many things in our lives, I let the water of thought travel where it may, so it’s not my job to deter it… So on this rainy and cold Sunday, I offer you a hearty Hello, and hope that you’ll take the time to enjoy the peace that our Earth has provided us today… And if it’s sunny where you are right now, then enjoy the warmth that she’s given you, and share it with someone else… Enjoy your Earth folks, because just Mothers, she’s the only one we have…

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