Changes to my Blog and Talking about Gluten

Good day Readers!  I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now, and I believe it’s time to make a change to it… I want to continue to blog what’s going on with my UC and how to live with it, but I want to take in a slightly different direction…  I want to start a conversation about living gluten free…

There are so many conversations going on about gluten, and I find most of them frustrating… Folks who are NOT GF, writing articles about how GF patrons are bringing down good restaurants, how we whine about how we can’t get true GF foods, etc etc…  I just read one last weekend about how the GF community is bringing down the Italian restaurants because we won’t frequent their establishments… The article bothered me because they were making blanket statements about the GF community… I posted on the article that I knew that Olive Garden has GF options, but the problem was that from what I’m reading of the reviews, no one is teaching the staff at Olive Garden how to cook the pasta or how to keep it from the gluten side of the kitchen… Anyone who’s GF or who cooks GF knows that with GF pasta, there’s a thin line between al dente and soup!  If you’re not properly trained in how to cook that kind of pasta, it’ll be a long road to figuring out why the pasta keeps coming back to the kitchen with complaints!

Now, let me put this comment here: I understand how difficult it is for many restaurants to cook and care for GF meals… I know it takes extra counter space, extra training for their cooks and staff, extra gloves and aprons, extra pots/pans and grillers, etc… I get all of that… AND I appreciate those restaurants who take the time and money to make themselves available to folks like me… I try to frequent those locations and to get the word out to whomever I can about them.. I find that for most of these places, there are upsides AND downsides of frequenting these locations… The upside is that I have a place to eat out safely!  The downside?  The cost… And that is something else I will address in the upcoming updates to my blog…

So that’s the long and short of the changes that you’ll be seeing in the upcoming weeks and months… I want to talk about the GF community and how we live in it… I want to start giving you reviews of GF locations, GF companies, and GF foods that I find in my daily life…

Are YOU GF?  Are you living with someone who is?  Are you friends with someone who is?  Would you like to join my conversation here?  Please do!  I want to hear your experiences, hear about foods or places you’ve tried, your experiences with the store bought processed foods you’ve tried, etc… Let’s open this up and keep the conversation positive and helpful to everyone!

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