Boy, life just whizzes by, doesn’t it?

Good day, Readers!  It’s been forever since I updated anything and I do apologize for that… Work has been nuts and non-stop!  My health overall hasn’t been bad… At least until this past week… As careful as I try to be, dear Readers, yours truly got “glutenized” this past week… I got myself into some, what was supposed to be, gluten free mayonnaise… But as it turns out, is not… “But Storm, if the label says Gluten free, shouldn’t it?”   Well, yes, it “should”… But it included white distilled vinegar, which is a gray area for many folks… If you read the webpage at this link:  you’ll learn a little more about why I say it’s a gray area… But I can tell you, it’s not gray for me!!!

My first indication was pain in and through my long intestine and colon… Now, if you’re unsure where the long intestine is, I can tell you with absolutely no trouble at all!!  But the pain started Friday afternoon… Followed by very loose, well, ya know… I realized by Saturday morning that I wasn’t going to be making any trips anywhere… It took me until Sunday morning to finally nail down what had caused me to have this reaction… I home cook about 85% of my meals… So I KNEW what was there… I had two meals out, at locations that I’m very familiar with, and have never had issues with before… The only new item in all of this, was the mayo… And I take partial blame for this because I didn’t read the label… I should have… And have learned that lesson well…

So I stayed home today to try and get some rest (ha, yea like that happened), make sure I’m eating what I can, and make sure I was close to the loo…I’m hoping to make it back to work tomorrow, but I won’t know that until I get up in the morning…

The other difficulty that I’ve been dealing with, is trying to sell my motorcycle… Everyone wants a bike with low mileage but no one wants to pay the price for it… So my bike spends week after week on Ebay, just trying to get it sold… It would help me financially if I could get it sold… BUT it is what it is… So I continue on…  🙂

Other than that, life is good and I can’t complain!  I have good friends surrounding me, and good work to look forward to every day… My Fuzzies are healthy and happy!  So there’s not much else I can say, ya know?

I hope this finds you all doing well!  I hope everyone has got what they need in life!  Love, Luck and Lollipops!!   🙂